Last year a woman I had met once saw me from across the beer gardens at Edmonton’s Folk Music Festival, came up to me and said “You changed my life.”

Pretty powerful stuff, right?

I had told her a story, my story. It resonated with her and she changed something in her life setting her on a different course. It made me realize that the same thing happened to me. I read a woman’s story and it resonated with me and it played a role in changing the course of my life. My point? Stories matter. We are all here living unique, similar, different, happy, sad, tough, exciting experiences and there’s value in sharing and listening to things that resonate with us. There is also value in listening to stories that don’t. To see the world from the vantage point of other perspectives and other lived experiences.

Here you will find some stories, some opinions. Some opinions on stories. It will be whatever I want it to be whenever I feel like it because that’s just exactly how I am.